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Individual Liberty by Benjamin Tucker


Publisher's Note
Editor's Foreword
I. State Socialism and Anarchism: How far they agree, and wherein they differ.
II. The Individual, Society, and the State
The Relation of the State to the Invididual
Liberty's Declaration of Purpose
Anarchism and the State
Resistance to Government
Liberty and Organization
Liberty and Taxation
Anarchism and Crime
Liberty and Politics
Liberty and Prohibition
Anarchism and Capital Punishment
Liberty and Property
Anarchism and Force
Passive Resistance
The Futility of the Ballot
Voluntary Cooperation a Remedy
I. Money and Interest
Capital, Profits and Interest
Free Money First
Free Banking
The Abolition of Interest
Necessity for a Standard of Value
The Redemption of Paper Money
Government and Value
Henry George and Interest
Various Money Schemes
II. Land And Rent
Land for the People
Economic Rent
Liberty, Land, and Labor
Property Under Anarchism
Occupancy and Use Versus the Single Tax
George and the Single Tax
Refusal to Pay Rent
III. Trade and Industry
The Attitude of Anarchism Toward Industrial Combinations
Strikes and Force
Labor and its Pay
The Post Office and Private Mail Service
Liberty or Authority
Liberty and Labor
Competition and Cooperation
Liberty and the Boycott
Anarchism and Copyright

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